Total Protect Home Warranty

Published: 16th July 2010
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Total Protect Home Warranty is a company that claims to offer protection for emergency household repairs that will provide coverage as a complement to your homeowner's insurance policy. It will cover things like repairs to appliances and systems that have failed and need service. You can file as many claims as you want, and they say they have a 180 day workmanship guarantee.

They provide a convenient toll free number for service and will have a professional come to fix your problem upon contacting them. They will provide service for any covered item anytime you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also say that most of your appliances and systems will be covered no matter what the model, make, or age of the item might be. They provide nationwide coverage and coverage will become effective 30 days after enrolling in the plan. The warranty protection comes with a $60 deductible and the premium is a reasonable $350.

Unfortunately, this is a company that doesn't seem to stand behind their claims. By simply doing a search on Total Protect Home Warranty you will find many reviews and articles from consumers who have used the service and have not been happy with the results. This becomes apparent by simply visiting the Total Protect Home Warranty website.

What you will find is a very simple page with a very brief explanation of the service and a small list of frequently asked questions. There is no contact information to be found and no other company information, such as an address or even any specifics about the warranty itself. While it looks like they do honor their warranties when consumer activists get involved, there are many other consumers who seem to have had problems that have not been addressed.

Total Protect Home Warranty is said to cover repairs to things like heating and plumbing units and just about every electrical appliance that a homeowner can have. By taking a look around the Internet, however, there seems to be many unhappy customers. This is evidenced by a number of home warranty review websites and the fact that the ratings on these sites are poor, to say the least. There are many reputable home warranty companies that have received excellent reviews from a number of different customers. This is not to say that you won't be happy with the protection provided by Total Home Protect, but it does speak volumes about doing your research and knowing a little about the company prior to signing a contract with them.


If you want to protect the appliances you use every day, such as your stove, your washer and dryer, and water heater. A Total Protect home warranty covers many everyday appliances in your home.

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